Take your fitness program to the next level! Test your grip, coordination, balance, strength, and agility on one of our many obstacles during our weekly Ninja Challenge class, or join us for workshops with American Ninja Warrior finalists. Our instructors has been providing ninja training to the Fredericksburg area since 2011.

Whether you want to improve your skills during an Obstacle Course Race, keep up with your kids on the playground, or become the next American Ninja Warrior, our classes can support you on your adventure.

Ring Toss!


Our studio is home to a variety of ninja obstacles and continues to grow. Warped walls, rings, cliffhangers, devil steps, peg boards, rail systems, and more are all available to test your skills. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages, as new obstacles are always in the works.


Our instructors work with students of all skill levels to help them improve their abilities. Whether you have a background in OCR, are experienced with ninja training, parkour, or free running, or have just seen the American Ninja Warrior TV show and are curious about giving the obstacles a try, we’re here to help.

We offer weekly Adult Ninja Challenge classes for ages 16+ and Youth Ninja Challenge classes for ages 10-15. Our younger ninjas can jump into our parkour classes, which use explore some of the same obstacles and are the perfect foundation for ninja training.

Online pre-registration is required for all of our classes, so be sure to visit our schedule and hold your spot.

Fredericksburg Ninja: Different health benefits of parkour

Parkour is without a doubt an athletic activity. It requires you to move and use almost every muscle in your body just to get from point A to point B. However, did you know that aside from being an exciting activity, parkour also has its fair share of benefits? If you’re eager to learn more, keep on reading!

As with any kind of exercise, parkour provides your body with several health benefits each of which targets a specific area of your life. To encourage you to take up this discipline, we have compiled some of the best health benefits of parkour down below.

It exercises the whole body

As was stated earlier, parkour requires you to utilize your entire body which means that it’s a full-body workout. This is equal to the exercise that you’ll be getting when you work out at the gym but with parkour, you’ll be able to see different places and it’s more exciting.

Getting full-body workout results in better stamina, stronger bones, boosted immune system and many more.

It improves cardio

Cardio is one of the most important things that you need in parkour. It’s responsible for letting you do the different tricks and moves you need to do to overcome different obstacles without getting tired.

Think of it as your gas tank, once it depletes, you won’t be able to continue with your training. Thankfully, consistently training parkour will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. This means that you’ll be more efficient in training and you won’t feel fatigued after.

It strengthens your bones

In parkour, you’d be dealing with a lot of impacts thanks to the different jumps, rolls and lands that you’ll need to do. Once you start becoming consistent with your training, these accumulated impacts will help you develop stronger bones.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should fully absorb the impact because this can also lead to injury.

It helps you think off of your feet

Because of the various decisions that you have to make in parkour such as when to step on next or plotting your route, your brain will be trained to be quicker and sharper. At first, it may seem like it’s only applicable in parkour but if you think about it, this trait will also help you in your everyday life, especially when you need to make important decisions.

It promotes creativity

Several people make the mistake of thinking that traceurs have random routes. What happens behind the scenes is that the creative juices of these people flow for them to plot their routes. This includes every step, leap, land and every move involved in parkour.

Also, creating a route will help you figure out different moves that you can use. For example, when you have a metal railing on your way, you can choose to either vault on top of it or go through the space in the middle. The possibilities are endless and it’s up to you how you’ll execute your route.