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Have the best life out there by knowing more about the facts of parkour and more. Learn all you can here at Fredericksburg Ninja. The top things you need to know about parkour are the following:

First, What is Parkour? In short, it’s a free-style urban gymnastics sport that mixes jumping, sliding, climbing, and wall running to develop agility, flexibility, and coordination. In parkour, one person is usually known as a “jumper” while another might be called a “wall runner.” How To Get Started With Parkour Begin by learning how to hold yourself. Parkour comes from the French word “parkouriste” which translates into “urban explorer.” These explorers would spend their days moving through the urban landscapes and learning new moves. Today, it is most commonly associated with a free-style and creative sport where individuals learn moves by combining them, jumping over walls and other objects and moving in creative ways. Who Started Parkour? The history of parkour goes back to the 1960s when a French man named Michel Jäger (later known as Jean-Pierre Jeunet) took up parkour because he wanted to test his abilities. Jäger was a professional alpine skier who had a fascination for free-style gymnastics and wanted to learn more about this type of sport.

Parkour is a French-based sport that has grown in popularity across the United States and around the world. The practice uses an array of techniques and tools to train, move, and jump on a variety of surfaces like buildings, trees, and mountains. Parkour focuses on developing athleticism, grace, and self-confidence, while teaching basic concepts of movement and gymnastics. Parkour can be defined as a mix of acrobatics, climbing, and running.

Parkour Facts About Parkour – Getting Started on Learning

Parkour is a sport that involves getting from place to place using natural obstacles and obstacles built by human. It takes a certain kind of person who wants to get better at it in order to be successful. There is a lot of training and practicing that goes into being good at parkour and here is some information that you need to know about parkour.

What does it take to get started with parkour?

The most important thing to understand is how to start. You need to know the basics and that is where a great parkour coach comes in. A coach can help you with any basic moves, but he or she can also teach you the basics and get you started. Then, the more advanced moves will come naturally. You just need to have an interest in it.

Do you need gear for parkour?

Absolutely. Parkour is a highly technical sport that will require you to wear a lot of specialized equipment. The gear can range from the simple to the extremely complicated. The equipment ranges from your sneakers, socks, and gloves to special jumpsuits that help you land properly on things such as walls. It is easy to find parkour gear online and at stores.

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