Fredericksburg Ninja: Why you should exercise

Exercise is one of the most common advice from doctors when it comes to physical fitness. There are many advantages of exercising when done properly. Some of the benefits you can reap include improved blood flow, weight loss and stress relief. To motivate you to exercise regularly, check out all the benefits of physical exercise: 

  1. Improves mental health 

Physical exercise is an excellent mood enhancer. The feeling of happiness experienced after exercise is rewarding that exercise is considered as an alternative stress reliever. 

  1. Boosts memory

Aside from keeping your muscles fit and healthy, exercise can also boost your brain productivity. The science behind this is the stimulus that exercise provides which influences physiological changes such as reductions in insulin resistance and inflammation. It also indirectly develops memory by improving your mood and sleep. 

  1. Delays cognitive decline

Physical exercise obstructs the start of mental wear and tear and even dementia, particularly among the elderly. It pays to exercise during your younger years to reduce the risk of geriatric mental conditions. Research published in Neurology suggested that physically fit women in their middle ages were 88% less expected to develop dementia than their peers who were only somewhat fit. 

  1. Develops concentration

Exercise improves the ability to concentrate on one task, neglect distractions, as well as receive and process information. Physical activities enhance retention among people and, therefore crucial for every person no matter their age.

  1. Promotes weight loss

With physical exertion, you burn fat and calories through sweat. This, in turn, helps you manage your weight. The Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that an exercise program is ideal in reducing weight among obese children. The effects were desirable, even without a change in dietary composition. 

  1. Protects the body against chronic conditions

Research published in the Journal of Aging Research implies that physical activity continued throughout life is accompanied by a lower risk of generating chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases.

  1.  Improves lung health

If performed consistently, physical activity, both moderate and intense, reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Frequent exercise strengthens the heart muscles and their ability to pump blood to the lungs and the rest of the body. The lungs automatically pick up the speed to keep up with the exercise and become stronger. 

  1. Increases strength

Physical exercise contributes to improvements in strength in both men and women. Strength training also helps in metabolism, increases bone density, decreases the risk of injury, and even rebuilds lost muscle. The development of muscle is important in preventing a resting metabolic rate that can cause obesity.  

  1. Improves cholesterol levels

Physical activity and exercise help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent the attack of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. 

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