Come experience a new way of movement and expression by lifting yourself off the ground and learning to dance in vertical space. In these introductory & advanced aerial fabric classes you will learn climbing, footlocking, turns, poses, tricks and hanging in the fabric. Increase your strength and stamina while learning body control, balance and flexibility.

Our regular silks classes are for ages 16+, though we occasionally offer special Fly Kids classes or workshops for younger participants.


Basic positions, holds and poses will be presented, some of which do not require leaving the ground entirely. Appropriate for all levels, with no previous experience required, male or female.


For the student who is proficient at climbing, footlocks, and basic inverts, this class introduces more difficult poses and series of tricks as well as an increased focus on conditioning and strength training.


For the student who is comfortable with climbs to the ceiling, aerial inverts and basic drops. This class introduces more advanced drops with a focus on choreography and creating longer combs. 1 or more years of experience recommended.


Want to work on your flow, or put together a fun combo? Open Silks is time for you to work at your pace, review what you’ve been learning in class, and refine your skills. Instructor approval required.