A Letter to All Who Attended Our Grand Opening Celebration!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the children, parents, competitors, and spectators who came out to celebrate our Grand Opening! You each endured late competitions, hot weather, technical glitches, host errors (lots of them), and so much more while remaining absolutely delightful all weekend! Your patience & poise are the stuff of legend. You are truly amazing!

Thank you to all of our workers & volunteers, who pushed through very long days (and nights, and into the morning) to put together a really fun time for us all! You guys not only endured the heat, the long hours, and the constant run-around throughout, but you did so with vigorous energy a terrific attitude! You are the unsung heroes in these events, far too often, so allow us a moment to sing your praise for all to hear (read)! You da best!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors who provided that “something extra” every event needs to be even better for our participants! Thanks to Benny Vitali’s for feeding the ninjas late at night and after long days! Best pizza in the ‘Burg!!!!! Thank you to Juan More Taco FXBG for feeding spectators and competitors (and our team) on Sunday! YUMMY!!!!! Thank you to Sweet Frog of Spotsylvania for coming out with Scoop the Frog and bringing swag for the kids, shirts for our team, and coupons for everyone! More importantly, thank you for taking a stand against bullying with the “Bully Free Starts With Me” campaign! Finally, thank you to Ninja Master App for keeping the competition running smoothly all weekend! What a fantastic utility for any ninja gym — HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!! Role Model Software is a terrific company made up of wonderful people!

Thank you to the American Ninja Warrior Junior competitors and representatives who came out to play, compete, and enjoy the weekend with us! Be sure to set your DVRs and watch the new ANW, Jr. show on Universal Kids starting October 13th at 7pm Eastern!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed donations to our Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank!! These foodstuffs will go a long way to helping individuals and families in our community, ensuring that they won’t have to guess from where their next meal comes. The Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank does so much to support our community, so it’s special to be able to give some back.

Finally, thank you SO MUCH to our Special Guests who really put the icing on the cake for this weekend! Maggi Thorne brought the energy and passion she’s so very much known for, with an enthusiasm that can’t be beat! Jesse “NinjaTron” Johnson wowed and delighted the kids (and parents) walking in with his towering stature of a 9’2″! WHOAH!!!

You are all the absolute best, and we thank you for making this past weekend something so truly special! We hope you had fun, enjoyed the time together, and we look forward to hosting you in our studio again soon! We will continue to work out kinks and wrinkles in our process, and grow to serve you better with each new day with new ways to play together as a family!

All the Best,

The Fredericksburg Ninja Team


2 Responses to “A Letter to All Who Attended Our Grand Opening Celebration!

  • Malissa Sexton
    3 years ago

    What an amazing weekend!! We can’t wait for the next competition. You all did an outstanding job. Ninja families rock!

    • Thank you so much! We have such an awesome team, and the BEST community in the athletic world!! <3 <3