Fredericksburg Ninja: What you need to know about parkour

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When it comes to parkour, everyone can try it. However, you need to have bucketloads of courage and strong determination. This is because you’ll encounter fear plenty of times and you need to sink in thousands of hours into training. Not only that, but it’s also certain that you’d fall multiple times.


Because of the popularity surrounding parkour, various questions and speculations popped into people’s minds regarding it. That’s why we have decided to compile some of the most asked questions about parkour so you don’t have to scour the internet for answers!

What is parkour?

Parkour is a discipline that requires athletes, called ‘traceurs’ to get from one point to another in the most efficient way possible. The catch is that they need to thread through various obstacles such as railings, walls, ledges and many more. What’s more impressive is that they don’t need any form of equipment all they need is loads of courage and their body.

Is parkour illegal?

Contrary to popular belief, no, parkour is not illegal. What made the majority think this way is because some traceurs train in private properties such as buildings and that’s when it becomes illegal. When parkour artists get caught in the act, they can get fined, cited or worse, arrested for trespassing. However, the practice itself is completely legal.

Is parkour dangerous?

Parkour is without a doubt a dangerous activity. Doing this leaves you prone to different kinds of injuries, especially when doing extreme stunts. However, if you figure out how to discipline yourself by training hard and keeping the activity safe, you won’t have to worry about danger.

Is parkour a sport?

Ever since 2017, parkour has been officially recognized as a sport by sports councils in Great Britain. 

When did parkour start?

Even though its popularity surged during the age where viral videos were starting to take over the world, parkour has been around for decades. It was originally found in France back in 1988 by David Belle. Since then it was used in several movies and it eventually led to the massive popularity it has today.

Is parkour difficult?

As with any other activity or sport, that will certainly be difficult at first. But with strong determination and perseverance, you can master it through consistent training. As of today, there are millions of parkour artists around the world and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one!

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